Personally, I am a gay fat man & I like other fat men, most particular somebody that is a chub, tremendous chub or a smoking hot bear. I like the bears, but all in all I have noticed that I prefer my gay men to be large, it doesn't matter if they are hairy or smooth, but the bears I don't know why but I love the beards they usually have on their face, it is so damn sexy & gets me hot fast.
The main site that I frequent & chat in is The Gay Chub & the only actual reason I use it is the fact that it is free. I get to visit the site, have a profile, upload pics in a gallery but I also like it because I can connect it to Facebook & use my Facebook Profile & Profile Photograph on The Gay Chub as well. And the administrator of that site is smoking freaking hot, for disgrace he is already married to a superchub. Still great to look at him & view his xtube profile, which I also love seeing.
All in all, things are going great, I enjoy my weblog on The Gay Chub, connecting with other members & the like, but sometimes, I require my weblog to be out somewhere else & speak about things I cannot speak about at TGC since they don't permit adult content, like pornographic tales & the like, but at least they let us link to pornographic tales & pics as long as they don't host it. I'll probably be writing periodically on this matter & putting up some videos & or pics of myself & some other hot chubs that I score in to the sack, & boy do I loves me some fat!  C'mon, gets you some big fat gay men for yourself!

A little About Me

I'm an overweight black male, chubby or fat if you prefer to say it.  I'm gay too.  I'm 27 years old and I live in Jacksonville, Florida.  My favorite hobbies include hanging out with friends and chilling out on the internet.  I'm somewhat of a nerd and I love socializing on social networks.  For a career, I'm a store manager at Taco Bell.  Umm, don't know what else to say about me.  Most of my friends that really know me are all online and mostly don't live in this state.  I'm not out of the closet yet and haven't figured out a good way to come out.